Cadillac Muzik


Cadillac Muzik is an independent Psychedelic Soul/Funk/Alt-Hip Hop band/duo from San Antonio, Texas. The band is made up of artists "CaddyMack Moses" & "Scott DaddyD'Vill Campbell". Moses is most known for creating the majority of their music production and song arrangements, while Campbell is most known for creating the majority of their fashion and style. Moses & Campbell went from dancing and free-styling in circles in high-school to actually becoming real recording artists. They decided to start "Cadillac Muzik" in 2010 as a local band in San Antonio, that would travel throughout the city performing live events and selling music.

"We used to ride around with our uncles, coaches, and mentors in old- school Cadillacs listening to 90's Hip Hop, 70's Funk, and 60's Psychedelic Soul music". -Moses

The band explains how most of their male role models as kids were actual pimps, players, gangsters, hustlers, pastors, and ex-ball players. Most of these men drove Eldorados, Fleetwoods, and DeVilles. The band explains how they remember coming up around these types of men in the streets and how it bestowed upon them the knowledge and wisdom to balance street life survival and corporate America. Riding in an old-school Cadillac was like taking a journey in a spaceship to the future or even out of space to another galaxy of creativity. It was a way of escaping the negativity in their environment. The music was like a religion and educational system, since there was a lack of it in our public school system.


"We wanted to use the style and flavor of all of the childhood influences around us, but for a positive purpose to uplift our community". -Campbell

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