What is AmplifyX?

  • AmplifyX is an eco-friendly NFT platform that empowers artists to distribute unreleased music, exclusive experiences, and intellectual property rights directly to their fans in Web 3.0. Our mission is to build Music 3.0: a new way to own music, build a digital collection, unlock real-world experiences with artists, and share with friends in your AmplifyX wallet.
What is an NFT?
  • NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are pieces of digital content stored on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that make each token unique. NFTs are used to represent ownership of unique items like art, collectibles, and even real estate. 
  • NFTs can also be thought of as “channels”, not just digital objects. NFTs allow the creator to give future value to holders of a token, creating a channel for value exchange and community building.
What is Music 3.0?
  • Music 1.0 was the physical world of owning and collecting vinyl, cassettes, and CDs
  • Music 2.0 was the digital revolution that led to music streaming
  • Music 3.0 combines the two, bringing collectibility, value, and community back to music for artists and fans through digital assets (NFTs)
Do I need to own crypto to purchase an NFT?
  • No, you can purchase with your Credit Card, Apple Pay, crypto, and more.
Do I need a crypto wallet?
  • No, an AmplifyX wallet will be created for you automatically with your first purchase. From there, you can continue building a collection of NFTs in your wallet.
What blockchain are the NFTs minted on?
  • Currently, AmplifyX NFTs are minted in the Tezos Blockchain because of the energy efficiency and low cost to mint.
Can I use my MetaMask to purchase NFTs?
  • As of right now, you cannot use MetaMask because MetaMask supports the Ethereum blockchain not the Tezos blockchain
What are gas fees and are they expensive?
  • Gas fees are payments made by users to process a transaction on a blockchain. Users (both artists and fans) pay NO gas fees on AmplifyX.
Are NFTs bad for the environment?
  • NFTs that are minted on Proof-of-Work blockchains (most NFTs) consume large amounts of energy to create an NFT. NFTs that are minted on AmplifyX are 2 million times more energy efficient than on Ethereum.
When are new Drops?
  • New NFT drops happen periodically. Join the community to stay up to date on upcoming drops.
Can I resell my NFT?
  • The AmplifyX secondary marketplace is coming very soon and users will be able to resell their NFT.

I am a music artist and I want to create NFTs for my fans on AmplifyX. How can I do that?

  • Please use this form to submit an interest application first and we will get back to you shortly on more details

How do I purchase an NFT on AmplifyX?