Jay Vinchi


During the late 2010s, Jay Vinchi - a recording artist, songwriter, visual artist, and producer - emerged with a diverse spectrum of musical styles showcasing a multi-genre artistry. Expanding into video production and graphic design, Jay began to trek into various artistic avenues and expand himself with unique partnerships and opportunities.

After signing a deal with ADS Music Partners, Jay began working on elevating his craft through the knowledge brought on by some of the industry's best multi-platinum songwriters & business minds. He began performing shows around the country with artists ranging from Machine Gun Kelly, Cardi B, Mannie Fresh, to Chanel West Coast.

After years of artistic development and practice, Jay has evolved into an artistic talent who creates everything from audio productions to videography & design. His NFT intro is just the beginning for a long line of digital artwork transferring into collectible state. Keep your eyes on his upcoming music and artwork, which includes an entire comic book universe currently in development.


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