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Shedded Skin

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The owner of this NFT will get exclusive access to Rizik’s virtual sketchbook, a collection of early drafts of music he is actively writing in the form of solo piano recordings.


“Shedded Skin (Panorama)” is the acoustic piano rendition of the recent Rizik single “Shedded Skin” expressed in its rawest form: one instrument, one take. 

This song represents the artist leaving behind expectations of creating music that fits in a box. While today’s music landscape – driven by playlists and social media algorithms – rewards creators for easily fitting within a genre or identifiable spectrum, “Shedded Skin” was a complete gamble.

“I tend to make music that feels like a journey rather than stick to a traditional format,” Rizik says. “I think ‘Shedded Skin’ reflects my journey as an artist to leave behind expectations, i.e. what this project ought to be, and just let it be; naturally, allowing the process of evolution to unfold.” 

To better articulate this, Rizik sought help of friend, collaborator, and filmmaker Dan Dobi to create a special in-studio performance video of the song. The two had previously collaborated on Dobi’s award winning film “You Are My Person” where Rizik provided the original score

“Rizik plays the piano, I play the camera,” says Dan Dobi. “ I know that sounds silly, but after I hear the song a few times, I try to improv like jazz and literally pretend like I’m ‘in the band’ or ‘part of the song” as well. Past music videos of mine, I’ve always taken this approach, to give the music another form. What made this video different is that this is all one shot, one take meaning “Don’t mess it up! But I love this approach because it’s real and raw. There’s nothing to hide, this is the song… this is how it’s played.”

“There’s no denying that I’m hugely influenced by cinema,” Rizik says. “Having Dan film this performance was critical because he understands how to tell a story with just the ambiance around him. Having previously worked together on my video for ‘Can You Remember’ and scoring his film, he knew exactly how to capture the vibe.”