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Gold Tier: DeVille Feel

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*Buyers receive autographed physical copy of Cadillac Muzik’s first Billboard Charting Album “Lac Gospel” (unavailable online)

*Receive unreleased interview clip of Cadillac Muzik behind the scenes interview

About DeVille Feel:

Take a psychedelic funky journey to the year 7000 to the land of futuristic Cadillacs. DeVille Feel is what you would play in your year 7000 Cadillac DeVille with the love of your life. Sit back and relax as Scott D'Vill conveys how he feels for his companion, while CaddyMack Moses sings the vocals and plays the guitar, bass, and synthesizer. This is a tribute to old-school R&B '70s and 80's bands like Mtume, Earth Wind & Fire, Cameo, and Shalamar. This is the 5th cut of their new unreleased project that is scheduled to release in 2022.

- Written By: Beseja B. Moses & Scott A. Campbell

- Produced & Mixed By: Beseja B. Moses