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Silver Tier: Omni - Vibrato

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*Purchasers will receive the official song NFT of Cadillac Muzik's new song Omni - Vibrato. Please see the Platinum or Gold tier for more Cadillac Muzik products.

About Omni - Vibrato:

Omni - Vibrato is a soulful-inspired song by Cadillac Muzik that is totally out of the ordinary. This song blends funk, gospel, Hip - Hop, and R&B to create its own futuristic sound. Most of the song is performed in the first person, from the perspective of "The Divine" speaking to the listener, in an attempt to get the listener to free themselves from their own personal mental oppression. The overall purpose is to give the listener a positive vibration, helping them connect to whom they truly are. This is the 2nd cut of their new unreleased project that is scheduled to release in 2022.

- Written By: Beseja B. Moses & Scott Campbell

- Produced & Mixed By: Beseja B. Moses