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Platinum Tier: Time Travellers

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*Meet and greet online (FaceTIme) with Cadillac Muzik

*Receive autographed physical copy of Cadillac Muzik’s first album ever titled “Cadillac Muzik” (unavailable online)

*Receive autographed Cadillac Muzik Black n Gold T-Shirt

About Time Travellers:

Time Travellers is a Funky Melodic Psychological 4 minute ear-orgasm. Put on your superhero cape and mask and prepare to travel through time with the two Eldoradonautz CaddyMack Moses and Scott D'Vill. Moses and Scott explain how they are Divine Aviators and Spiritual Gladiators cruising through time in an attempt to pump positive frequency into the minds of the masses.

This is a tribute to old-school Funk Masters Parliament Funkadelic, Rick James, and Outkast. This is the 4th cut of their new unreleased project that is scheduled to release 2022.

-Written By: Beseja B. Moses

-Produced & Mixed By: Beseja B. Moses